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Processing Emotions: A Step-By-Step Guide

Processing Emotions: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Drawing from both my personal and professional insights, I've come to understand the complexity of recognizing our different emotions. This challenge is particularly pronounced for those of us who were raised in settings where emotional support and guidance were scarce. 

Emotions are a fundamental part of our human experience, influencing our thoughts, behaviours, and decisions every day. This workbook was created to offer a structured yet flexible approach to exploring your emotions in a safe and supportive way.

Processing Emotions: A Step-By-Step Guide is a comprehensive digital workbook and journal designed to teach individuals how to understand and process their different emotional states. This guide provides a range of tools and techniques, including grounding exercises, an emotion wheel, and targeted journaling prompts, aimed at learning how to process an emotion, fostering a path toward greater emotional well-being.

Contents of the Guide:

  • An introduction to the significance and functions of emotions.
  • Exploration of grounding skills within the context of emotional processing.
  • A selection of essential grounding techniques.
  • Guidance on using the Emotion Wheel.
  • Insights into Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Emotions.
  • Journaling prompts designed to aid in the emotional processing journey from start to finish. 

What's Included in Your Purchase:

  • A 30-page PDF file (US Letter Sized) of the workbook, ready for printing.

Please note: This product is a digital file intended for printing. The file is not editable and is designed for handwritten input.

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